Seasonal Workers Traning & Care Center
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Seasonal workers perform better when they feel connected to the organization and their co-workers.

In Myanmar, the "Seasonal Workers Training and Care Center" (SWTCC) has been activated since the beginning of year (2023) for the purpose of “To Solve Myanmar’s Current Job Shortage”.

The Seasonal Workers Training & Care Center (SWTCC) assists farmers in the agricultural sector to fill labor shortages during busy farming season by sending legal workers for a certain period of time to Republic of Korea.

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Services in Training Camp

  • - About the basics of Korean language and advanced Korean culture. And Do & Don’t in Korea.
  • - About Korea's long history and Korea's current attitude towards Myanmar.
  • - About the current urban situation and rural areas.
  • - Physical fitness testing for seasonal workers attending our center; checking for infectious diseases; Eye examination Check whether there is vaccination against Covid-19 etc.
  • - We teach trainees who come to work as seasonal workers to live disciplined in Korea and work actively with a smart spirit.

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